We started this blog after our book, food for thoughtful parenting, came out, when people started asking for more quick and actionable ideas on parenting and raising kids. Our goal has been to share some of our favorite discoveries or ideas that can lead to little shifts with big impact on topics from interacting with kids to managing family responsibilities, from thinking about parenting to finding creative, thoughtful ways through the demands of our increasingly busy lives.

We love hearing from you that something found here shifted your perspective, allowed you to approach something differently, or resulted in a better afternoon coming out of a difficult morning.  So we hope to continue blogging for a while longer.

Our other reality is that we need to find a way to support this effort. We no longer focus on book sales–though are happy when they happen–and are reluctant to add advertising to this site. If you like what what you find here and are inclined to make a small donation to help support this blog, we’d be most grateful! If you like what you find here and are inclined to pass links along to friends, we love that, too.

As always, thanks for reading,

Nina & Tara


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