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Baby Recs – 01.07.13
Food For Thoughtful Parenting – Book Review and Giveaway!

Dadding Ideas – 11.12.12
Mentors and Shining Examples, and a Giveaway!

Rookie Moms – 03.02.12
Book review: Food For Thoughtful Parenting

Gaga Sisterhood – 11.01.11
Food For Thoughtful Parenting

South Shore Mamas – 06.21.11
Win a Copy of Food for Thoughtful Parenting

Breezy Mama – 05.04.11
Items of the Week: 5 Great Catches

The Shopping Mama – 04.06.11
Food for Thoughtful Parenting: Interview with the Authors

The Martha’s Vineyard Times – Books – 02.16.11
In Print: “Food for Thoughtful Parenting:” Raising families in the e-age – Moms & Babies 02.13.11
Food for Thoughtful Parenting: Little Life Lists for Busy Moms and Dads

Pixies Did It! – 02.07.11
Food for Thoughtful Parenting

Fans of Being a Mom – 02.02.11
Mommy Speed Bumps (and a book giveaway)

This Mom Loves Review – 01.11.11
Read It: Food for Thoughtful Parenting

Watertown Tab Article – 12.04.10
Local moms write a must-have guide for new families

Boston Mama’s Review – 06.01.10
Food for Thoughtful Parenting

Catherine Newman’s Blog– 02.26.10
Food for Thoughtful Parenting

Isis Parenting Blog– 02.04.10
Food for Thoughtful Parenting: A little book of lists

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