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Hi, we’re Nina and Tara, authors of this blog and the award-winning book, food for thoughtful parenting.

We met in the throes of parenting when our kids attended the same preschool. Contrasting personalities and life experiences led to rich conversations on parenting topics. These conversations–and a mutual love of lists–inspired our book which is a collection of the ideas we found most helpful, usable, and worth sharing.

Our blog is a response to people who asked for more.

When we’re not working together on book or blog, we are two women working hard to maintain balance for our families (and ourselves) amid the urban chaos of too many choices, opportunities, and the pressure to do it all.

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One Response to Nina & Tara

  1. Hi Nina,

    This is the first i have read your and Tara’s work. Great stuff. I look forward to reading more jun the future!

    Lets grab coffee some time, Always happy to learn moe about great parenting and also “mindfulness”!

    Lachlan’s father

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