recycle, reuse, scrounge, create!

scrounge artIn our book from the list called “Stuck Indoors – Feeling Mellow,” we share a favorite creative any day activity: scrounge! If you’re unfamiliar with scrounge, think recyclables that make good building materials.  It will become a habit before you toss something in the recycling bin to think “is this good scrounge?” and your scrounge box will fill.

Some examples of choice scrounge: packaging materials from electronics, yogurt cups, foam trays, bottle caps, paper towel and toilet paper tubes, sparkly things, fabric swatches, string, cardboard for a good base …anything in quantity! Small cuts on the edges of tubes and cardboard make for good stacking and building big fast.

When you need an activity, bring out the scrounge bin, scissors, glue, a roll of masking tape and a roll of duct tape and you’ve got a fun afternoon (full of robots, gardens, spaceships, or machines!).

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