create memories & storytellers

kid telling storySummer is often about family time, perhaps long drives, train rides, or other waiting times where a good family activity is just the ticket.  Kids are often captive audiences of grownup stories, “when I was little, “ “ my grandmother used to…”, etc..  Help to solidify their own memories of your family adventures by asking each person to share a favorite outing, funny story, part of a trip, or other family event from the summer.

This helps kids develop their voice and create their own memories and stories.  It gives them practice in figuring out what are key elements of a good retelling, and builds their confidence in sharing with others. It identifies and keeps important elements of family lore alive, which will create bonds that will reach far beyond this year’s long summer days. You might start by telling stories in your immediate family, and then see if they’ll share a funny moment or new experience with an aunt, cousin or grandparent. -n

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