a list of ideas for family outings

funicularHere we share 5 ideas for summer outings with your family. Take one of these and put your family’s unique spin on it.

1. Pick something.  Depending on your location, summertime usually offers pick-your-own opportunities, especially berries! It’s a good connection to nature, fun for a wide age-range and good eats while you pick.  See these posts on strawberry picking, apple picking and what to do with the extras that don’t get eaten in the field or on the way home.

2. Get Cultured.  At many museums kids are free and many have special hours when it’s free to all.  Check with your local library for passes for free or reduced cost museum entry.  As an alternative to a typical “Children’s Museum,” look for an outdoor sculpture park, a museum with art kids can get in and around, or traditional fine art museum or gallery. Read our post about making the most of a museum here.

3. Ride On!  Find a mode of transportation that’s new or unusual and plan an outing.  Think: bike, a subway or commuter rail, ferry, funicular, canoe, kayak. Could have a destination at the end, or not. A treat along the way—always a winner!

4. Find a Field.  This works any time of year, but many fields are in less use by teams during August.  Ask a few other families to join, maybe plan a potluck picnic or get pizza delivered, and stay late!

5. A Taste of Far Away.  If you live in a place with some international restaurant options, pick one that is new to your family and head out or order up! (Anyone for Brazilian, Korean, or Ethiopian?) Go for the whole experience with a drink and dessert. If restaurants aren’t an option, stay in and try it yourself!  Find some recipes online, plan a meal, and spice up your regular fare up with a taste of far away. (Note: I’ve always found it useful to tell kids that it’s OK if they’d like to spit out something unfamiliar into a napkin if they don’t care for it. I really think that more than a few kids have felt more empowered to try something new in our kitchen given the out of not having to like it and been handed a napkin in the event that they needed it! –t)

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