letting go

laundryFor those that have been weekly readers for a while (and perhaps have read our book), you’ll know that a common theme of our writing is letting go.  While we aspire to let go in our parenting, we are both people who, to a fault, meet commitments and make sure the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed in most other aspects of our lives. Letting go is not easy for us particularly when it’s something we’ve committed to. So, last Tuesday when Tara was having a root canal and I was just back from a trip, jet lagged, unpacking and working through piles of laundry, we decided to let our weekly post slide.

We considered whether anyone would miss it and perhaps it went totally unnoticed, but for us not putting something up was hard. For many people letting go of what they care about is a challenge, and can be unsettling. While we want to believe ourselves to be flexible and able to prioritize when necessary, there’s a pang of disappointment and regret that trails behind something we do that goes against our tendencies. For the little support that can be so helpful in these moments and others, we love mantras, like “Say Yes When you Can”, “Surrender 15 Minutes”, and “Share the Thinking.

For those that missed our weekly post, we apologize. We were practicing taking our own medicine. It’s important to let yourself off the hook once in a while.

Here’s to letting go, –n&t

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