here comes summer

busDear Parents,

This is a reminder to us all about what is coming down the pike in these next few weeks. The longer days and warm afternoons are a promise of the summer to come, and for those of us with school-aged kids, the end of a school year. In this time that can often be frenetic and packed with class gatherings and field trips and special events, keep in mind how complicated and deep the feelings can be for kids as they get ready to wrap up the year. As they clean out cubbies and take down classroom artwork, share plans for summer or gather their courage for a new camp, kids are in an incredibly vulnerable and fragile place. There’s something in the bright colors and sunny images everywhere that scream “Yay! Summer!” and the age-old posturing of kids who delight in “no more school!” that can drown out and eclipse these tender and important emotions. Give them time and create space where children can talk about things they might be experiencing, and find extra patience for the short temper, the rough bedtime, the grumpy morning…

We’ll be right there with you, –n&t


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