practice gratitude

practice gratitudeWe all have those days when we are overwhelmed, feel vulnerable and agitated, and get stuck in a negative place. From the negative place everything is harder, there’s a tendency to see things that are amiss, to connect the dots between all that goes wrong. ”We woke up late, and then there was no milk and then…and then… and then…” Being negative begets more negativity, and no one among us needs more of that. One way to break that cycle?

Practice gratitude.

The simple act of acknowledging something for which you are grateful can shift the focus and change the energy. Try applying a framework of humility and being thankful for what we have and notice what goes right. As parents, modeling gratitude for our kids helps them to see opportunities for being appreciative in situations big and small. Boost it with specifics! “Thank you to the person who put on the new roll of toilet paper.” “It was so helpful that you put the laundry away.”  “What a great dinner Dad made. I loved the broccoli done that way!” Whether acknowledged to oneself or spoken aloud, it’s quite amazing how easy it is to turn toward the positive, and how contagious it can be. –t





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