on the double’s mine – what’s yours?

great game to play with kidsMy younger brother, who doesn’t yet have any kids of his own, really does his homework and continually finds the best gifts for my kids.  For my daughter’s birthday he sent a game called On The Double and it’s my current favorite.  There are three things I like about this game:  First, it’s a deck of cards and comes in a tidy box, easy for road trips, airplanes, or to have in the car when waiting in pick up lines for older siblings.  Second, it’s quick to figure out.  Instructions are simple and you can get right down to playing in no time.  Third, I love that my 6 year old regularly beats me (and I’m really trying).  It’s a game based on seeing the relational aspects of shapes, color and positioning.  It requires focused attention which is good practice for me these days and plays to her strong suit developmentally.  So when we have ten minutes while the pasta water is boiling, before a piano lesson, or even while we’re having lunch, we play!

In the spirit of sharing: what are your favorite easy to take along games that you adults enjoy playing? Please post your favorites as a comment, we’ll all benefit and so will our kiddos! -n

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  1. Doodle Dice is a huge hit here – all ages can play. We also love Uno and Jenga. And the kids make up games with dice and a deck of cards. One of our current favorites is where one player rolls the dice, and the player next to them has to put down a card with that number (We have to make up rules for the Ace and King.) or pick up a card. Thanks for sharing your favorite, too!

  2. My favorite for this kind of thing is Spot It!

  3. This and Sleeping Queens (http://amzn.to/ViPgHm) are my current go-to birthday party gifts. I stock up on inventory and am ready when the parties come along! -n

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