parent activity: be proud

a great birthday cakeAs parents, so much of what we read (blogposts, parenting books, magazine articles) can make us feel bad about what we could be doing better.  Be patient.  Don’t yell.  Spend more time with your family. Get off the phone.  So today, we tee up an activity that allows you a well-deserved pat on the back.  

Take a few minutes to list 5 things you are most proud of in your parenting. Do you raise your voice less than your parents did?

Do you learn the names of the players and positions because your son loves the Steelers? Did you make a kick-ass birthday cake?  Were you patient and calm when you really wanted to scream? Do you set an example that you are proud of? Whatever it is, take the time to note it and be proud!  – n&t

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