parent activity: what i like about you

a valentine's day exercise for parentsWe have posted an activity in which we asked parents to list things they admire about each of their children. In this one, we ask that you think about your partner. Unless someone already has kids to bring into the mix, the “parent” in your partner is a mystery until the kids arrive. Even if someone enters a relationship already having children, something new is born of every unique family dynamic.

We find that person awesome enough to want to make a go at creating a life together. Then there are other people (i.e. children) in the mix, what have you discovered and come to appreciate about your partner in their role as a parent? List 5 things. Do you applaud the patience, appreciate the teaching, marvel at the depth of dedication and love? Was the birthday cake exceptional, do they manage in some superhuman way to continue to both care for the family and care for themselves? Do you love the way they fold a onesie?

Amid the busyness of life with a young family, it is easy for these things to go unacknowledged. Taking the time to identify them – and moreover, sharing them with your partner – can be incredibly powerful and bonding, in all the right ways, as your family grows and your relationship evolves.

Go forth, people, and share the love! -n&t

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