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Gift their name in cookiesToday’s post highlights some favorite gifts that get personal. Amid the many, many customizable gifts that are available in our highly customizable on-line, one-click world, it is the effort and time that infuse these with such a special flavor. In the quiet glee that bubbles through a project for someone you care about, you just might find in them a gift to yourself as well.

1. Cookies in Your Name – How fun to receive cookies that spell your name? Simple or decorated, this project is a fun way to spend some time thinking yummy thoughts of someone you love. (We’re also quite fond of ye olde pancake version of this – even just a single letter, YOUR letter, on the breakfast plate is so sweet!).

2. A jar full of …  – For those who have followed our blog for a while, this project was “a jar full of memories” for Father’s Day. Fill a jar with colorful and thoughtful specifics: compliments, reasons you love someone, a couple of photos, hopes for them or for you together. Very special to “unpack.”

3. CD / playlist – What songs from the year will bring to mind the road trip, the spontaneous silly dancing, the beach day, cooking together at Thanksgiving, oh, and that song that just had to be played again and again and again? My husband, for each of the kids’ birthdays, would make them a CD of the songs they loved that particular year.

4. Photo book – for a young child with family far away, their first “photo album” is a great choice, whether you go an on-line route or fill a small album with old-school prints. When my daughter was 2, we lived across the country from pretty much all the rest of our family. One of her favorite “picture books” was a small photo album that had pictures of each of her grandparents, their houses, pets, her cousins, aunties and uncles. Simple straight-on snapshots are best, when the faces are clear: think “head shot” rather than “grandpa standing at the end of the pier.”

5. Personalized stationery  – OK, so this one is on-line and made-to-order, but was such a hit we had to include it. For kids there is something really magical about seeing their names in print. And it could well be the gift that comes back to you in a lovely and unexpected way.  A few that we thought were simple and sweet: here and here.

And for those of you who are still shopping, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite games.

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  1. Thanks for these – they got me motivated again. Love your game list, too.

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