the truth about santa

reindeerHere in the northeast, there is suddenly a chill in the air. There was frost on the grass this morning, and the shorter days hint at the holidays just around the corner. In the spirit of the coming season, I share the following story…

My youngest child has a friend who grew up in a proud and pragmatic family free of fairies and magic. For them, there was never any Santa. One evening we were sitting around the dinner table and my son, then 5, asked directly, “Is Santa Claus real? Because Ethan told me it’s just your parents.” A silence came over the room as everyone – including my older children and my husband – waited for an answer. At that moment, taken off guard, there was no choice really but to tell the truth. “Santa is real,” I replied, “but when kids stop believing, it’s pretty sad, so then their parents usually do take over.” Everyone – with relief and what seemed like renewed hope – happily returned to their dinner. -t

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