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zip itWe get so many messages these days about clean living – having fewer chemicals in our lives, on our food, in our homes. I have switched to natural in many places, but when our shower won’t drain, I’d always gone for the liquid plumr or drano. I’d lean back, look away, pour in the whole bottle (so I wouldn’t have any sitting around), shut the bathroom door, turn on the fan and leave while it did its evil, toxic magic. Last week we had a plumber in, and I guilty confessed, “I use liquid plumr,” then asked, “is it eating away at our drains?” To my surprise, he replied “no, but you don’t need it.” And that’s when I learned about my favorite new D-I-Y home maintenance tool – the Zip It! The Zip It! is a long plastic dip-stick-kind-of-gizmo with barbs on the sides. Warning: using this tool is not for the faint-hearted – you will pull things out of your drain that seem otherworldly. And if you happen to have long, curly hair like me, double that warning. But, in a quick easy trawl, massive amounts of clogging gunk was removed from the drain! Voila! Free flowing drain and no chemicals. The Zip It is available at Home Depot or Amazon for under $3.  -n

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  1. thanks! great tip!

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