a jedi robe

make a jedi robe costumeI really don’t think of myself as a crafty person, so when my Star Wars-loving son wanted a Jedi robe, I headed out to see what was in the stores. I didn’t find quite what I wanted, so I asked Tara where she’d look. Her suggestion was to stop looking and just make one! (Make one? Hmmm… How was that going to go?) Actually it went surprisingly well. Here is how:

 1. Start with brown fleece. (Fleece doesn’t unravel or need to be hemmed. Good to go right out of the gate!) Source: JoAnn Fabrics
2. Use your kid’s bathrobe or a hoodie as a guide. (Lay it down and trace it onto the fleece, leaving lots of extra margin at the edges to achieve the “robe” look. Alter sleeve openings and length if necessary.)
3. Cut out the shapes, one for the front and one for the back.
4. Sew them together. (I actually sewed it by hand.)
5. Cut the front opening.
6. Trace a hood and sew the parts together. Attach the hood to the robe.
7. Cut a strip for a belt. (Sew it on if you want it to stay connected.)

That’s it. Really! That was it! It was fun, not hard, way faster than I thought, and so satisfying!  And for the many kids who pass through our playroom, it continues to be the most worn item in the dress up bin. -n

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