get a baseline reading

road tripWe’ve just returned from a summer road trip in which the 5 of us spent pretty much every hour of every day together, many of them in a car, on a trail, in a tent, passing around a box of  Milk Duds or sitting around a table. Our kids are getting older, and like most kids getting older, their days are characterized by greater independence and time away from us. The time we got to just hang out during our vacation reminds me — as we head into the new school year and the busy-ness that will come — to make sure that we make time to just hang out. It’s so important to have a “baseline reading” of who and how our kids are at each stage and new chapter. How else to sense that something is a bit off, that they seem worried or stressed, or realize that they are glowing with some new discovery or news? My resolution this year is to say no to more for myself and for the kids that will come in the form of invitation and opportunity in order to allow more time to just hang out and be together….to just hang out and be. -t

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