gotta go!

When my sons were little we turned a few old water bottles – the wide-mouthed ones – into “tinkle bottles”.  These fit neatly in car cup holders and have saved us many times on the road.  When my daughter was potty trained, we were faced with a dilemma, how to make things equally easy for her “to go” on the go.  Here we share two solutions with you.

Nina’s solution (the hi-tech version):  I consulted a mom-friend with girls and she introduced me to Travel Johns, personal disposable urinals.  Sounds totally unappealing, I know, but we love these.  In fact we often choose a trip to our car to use a Travel John over a gross port-a-potty at an outdoor event.  This is a genius product, no spill and very easy to use.  For those embarking on long road trips, I highly recommend them.

Tara’s Solution (the low-tech version): We keep a large (think McD’s large) paper cup or big empty yogurt container for just such situations.  Easy to toss when it doesn’t make sense to wash ‘em, and pretty simple for all ages and both genders to hit. Grab a container or two from your recycle bin before you hit the road.

Happy (& safe) travels,
– n&t
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