success within reach

hanging-up-coatHelp children succeed and build confidence around daily tasks with some simple consideration for “product placement.” During potty training, my daughter was fearful of the toilet. It turned out that it wasn’t the typical fear of being flushed or falling in, but the unpleasant feeling of being off balance when she reached for the toilet paper roll that was actually quite far away. Solution: a box of tissues within reach!
Other items to consider:
Clothes – can they easily practice dressing themselves? Can they reach their jacket to put it on or hang it up?
Cups and a drink – are there cups within reach and a stool for the sink?
Mirrors – are there mirrors in the bathroom or bedroom at their level so they can actually see how they’re doing with a brush, an outfit, or even a dance?Being able to help themselves is very powerful for young kids. When you sense your child is interested and able to take on certain responsibilities, be an enabler, and help your kid to find more places where they say “I can do it.” -t


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