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splashIn our book, we talk about the importance of one-on-one time with each of our kids.  Many have asked “what do you do?” So here are some more of our favorites: a walk around a pond collecting acorns; pancakes at a diner; a ride on public transportation (they can sit on your lap – no car seat!); plan, shop for and bake cupcakes; throw rocks and float sticks out into a lake; spend library time reading themed books (dragons, construction vehicles, feelings, horses, ice cream); go to a new, further-afield playground; watch planes take off at an airport; try on fun shoes at a self-serve shoe department.

Like other “dates,” the getting out together makes it special. However, one-on-one time is not necessarily about a treat or extravagance, but rather about attention paid, honoring a child’s interests, and slowing down.  (For many people, this requires getting away from the distraction of other family members.)

These are opportunities to know your child as he grows – what he loves, how he learns about the world, and what he thinks about. -t

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