find a field

find a field for a kid outingIf your kids, like mine, love sports, find a local field or court and take it up a notch.  In our family, we’ve done this with both baseball and football.

The five of us have managed a few multi-inning baseball games – usually with a single, full-time pitcher and 3 infielders and each man/woman/child for themselves at bat.  Add some big-league chew (gum) or snacks to have on the bench, water bottles and a post game treat and you have an outing.  If you can, ask another family to join and then you’ve really made it to the big leagues!

For football,  we’ve used 30 or so yards on a high school field and run some plays.  Actually being on a yard-marked field is quite a kick.  Speaking of kick, we’ve finished off our football outings with field goal kicking.  Just getting one ball through the uprights is exciting for kids and adults alike! -n

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