a jar full of memories

gift for hard to buy for person…or compliments. Or wishes. We all know someone who “has everything” or is difficult to find the right gift for. The tasteful, elegant Grandmother just might not want another macaroni project (cute as it may be), and the Grandpa who might adore the “love coupons” may just live too far away to really cash in on “Breakfast in Bed.” But who wouldn’t love a collection of special memories or personal compliments? Simple instructions for this gift: use a glass jar with a lid (such as a mason or jelly jar), some colored pieces of paper cut into pieces big enough for notes, tissue and ribbon if you want to wrap it. Have each person (mom, dad, kids)  in your family generate a few messages to include, for example, for a grandfather for Father’s Day: “I love how you always call on my birthday.” “Thank you for always giving us good advice, even when you disagree.” “I have fun playing cards with you.” “I like your soft earlobes.”  This jar is best filled with the specific and personal. If children are old enough, a child’s own handwriting is a beautiful touch.  Wrap the jar in a piece of fabric or tissue paper, secure with a ribbon, and send with love. -t

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