on top of the world

towerMy kids often need encouragement to join up for a hike: trail mix at the top or an ice cream stop on the way back.  Last weekend reminded me of another great enticer – a tower or observation deck.  We happen to live very close to the Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, a botanical garden and National Historic Landmark, and a great place to go for a walk. When I suggested we head out for a short hike, my kids moaned. No enthusiasm for the plan. Then my daughter asked if the tower, a 125 foot structure with a winding staircase and an observation deck, was open.  Bingo!  Shoes were on and we were out the door.  Everyone was motivated by a simple, fun goal.  Seek out the towers in your neck of the woods. An exciting destination can be just the ticket for a family adventure. -n

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